Table of Contents
▶ Elixir Types
▶ Elixir Materials
▶ Elixir Crafting
▶ Usage Restriction

Elixir Types

Elixir Materials
Herbs and Elixir Essences are required to craft Elixirs.
You can acquire these materials from the Extraction Pit and completing Daily Activities.

▶ Where to Acquire Herbs

▶ Elixir Essence Types and Where to Acquire Them

Elixir Crafting
Required material quantity changes based on Elixir grade.
The higher the Elixir’s grade, the larger the stat increase. Material items and Adena are consumed when crafting Elixirs.

How to craft Elixirs:
① Select the Elixir you want to craft.
② Check whether you have enough material to craft the Elixir.
③ Select the items to use as material. (When you use items that cannot be traded as material, the resulting Elixir will also be unable to be traded.)
④ Choose the number of Elixirs to craft.
⑤ Once crafted, Elixirs can be used immediately.

※ You can’t use Elixirs that are of a higher grade than your Elixir grade.
※ You can only trade Elixirs crafted with materials that can be traded.

Usage Restriction

The number of Elixirs that can be used is determined by character level.
The usage restriction increases when a character levels up.
Once you reach the usage restriction, you will not be able to use any more Elixirs until you level up.

※ This guide is based on the test version of the game and is subject to change.