Radiant Blessing Dice Event

Event Period
02/26 00:00 (PST) – 03/11 00:59 (PDT)
02/26 03:00 (EST) – 03/11 03:59 (EDT)
02/26 08:00 (GMT) – 03/11 07:59 (GMT)
02/26 19:00 (AEDT) – 03/11 18:59 (AEDT)
* The event end time is subject to change and will notify you if any changes are made.

- Proceed with the Dice Event by completing in-game content and earned Dice Tickets.
- Rewards can be obtained as the Dice Event progresses and rewards can be obtained up to 8 times depending on the number of runs completed.

How to Participate
* Two free dice rolls can be used every day.
* 10 tickets are required for one roll of the dice.
* You can roll the dice up to 250 times during the event period.
* Dice tickets will be automatically deleted after the event ends.

Dice Space Rewards
* The rewards listed below are placed on the dice board, and may be duplicated.

Dice Lap Completion Rewards
* Earn the rewards for each lap completion as listed below.
* Lap completion rewards will not be reset even after receiving them.